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Our goal is to supply your fitness products needs offering a broad range of top quality products from a growing and proven group of manufacturers. We specialize in volume plates, barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, slam balls, medicine balls, rigs and most every other item in the gym or workout setting. We help match the need and the right product for long term use and satisfaction. We help solve problems you are having and strive to become a valued partner.  Feel free to browse through this new site to see a small example of various products from specific vendors. There are hundreds more, so don’t be shy about telling us about every item you currently use or need. We will promptly respond with delivered pricing, mix or match from multiple vendors.  

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 Whether you operate a small CrossFit box or a large chain of fitness centers, there are always items we can provide to create your intended result. Our client target includes CrossFit, fitness chains, high schools, Universities, professional sports teams, UFC /MMA workout facilities, Olympic gyms, Pilates groups, yoga centers, corporate workout centers, hotel and resort fitness, home based gyms, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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 We know you have many options when it comes to suppliers but we have carefully taken time to create and associate with the best, not slap our logo on a cheap Chinese import. Many of our suppliers have been in business for many decades. They know what they are doing by now.  We feel the best result will always be to have "relationships" that mean something. You are doing the same hopefully with your students and understand that. Provide quality and safe equipment and the word gets out. We also will support your local success often by sponsoring your events or providing awards. Contact one of our members to start the "Team" process or contact me directly. You will be amazed what you can create if you network well and associate with those who have your best interests in mind.   Welcome to S.T.P.

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