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"West Chiropractic"

We are proud to support and network with local new businesses that create value for the  community while providing a valuable service to those needing a top quality innovative standard of chiropractic care.  Visit their website and connect with them for a balanced long term approach to tapping the body’s inborn ability to heal and maintain itself. They also specialize in newborn development.  Call  them for an appointment.  Now taking new clients.


30485 SW Boones Ferry Rd.

Suite 104

Wilsonville, Oregon  97070

Phone: 503.628.9082

Dr. Alyssa Marie Kurth

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"Sports Medicine of Oregon"

Since we're all "Athletes at heart", at times there is need for some expert advice. Welcome to Sports Medicine Oregon where our goal is the  restoration of active lifestyles for all ages. Their team of  specialty-trained physicians takes pride in providing the community with  the highest quality orthopedic care. Whether it is the professional  athlete or the weekend warrior, they strive to provide timely and  comprehensive care at their state-of-the-art facility which includes  on-site X-ray, outpatient physical therapy, and an adjoining surgery  center. Contact them with any sports related issues.  Tigard, Downtown, and Wilsonville Locations.

**Logo is used for a "community connection", and the promotion of "Sports Medicine" only and is the sole property of Sports Medicine Oregon, who has no connection to STP Fitness Products. 


7300 SW Childs Road
Suite B
Tigard, OR 97224

Tel.  (503) 692-8700



"Flutter and Wink"

Fitness is part of a lifestyle that includes more than exercise and choosing the right equipment. It involve making personal daily choices. Part of that includes doing things for your body that not only include exercise but also things that aid in your own personal satisfaction and image. A great personal image goes a long way toward creating a happier healthier “you”.  We are delighted to introduce you to Lindsay Terrill and her business  “Flutter and Wink”, along with her team, for complete Med Spa and Salon services.  Feel free to connect to their site to see all the options and for a free consultation and to see what you may have been missing in personal care. Daily happiness starts in the mirror !

13025 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver WA 98682  

Phone: (360) 521-0473

Lindsay Terrill - Owner

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*Logo and name Flutter and Wink are used with permission and are the sole property of Lindsay Terrill and used for networking and promotion only.

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"Squat University"

We are happy to support the advice and direction of "Squat University" and Dr. Aaron Horschig.  His link will take you to a never ending group of videos to aid and correct situations involving squats specifically as well as other movements you will find logical and effective to improve your technique, strength and ability, at any level.  Link to his online updates and get his help videos for free.

No matter who taught you how to squat, this connection will improve it.  Believe it or not, not all instructors know what they are doing. 

1254 SE Century Dr
Lees Summit, Missouri

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Diana Keinejad


We welcome and support the direction of Diana who is a Fashionista from L.A. that knows what it means "Made In America". Her lineup is hand made in L.A. by a small group of talented professionals. If you are into fitness and looking good, you'll need something to wear right ?  Visit her site to purchase or see their lineup exclusively in your nearest Saks Fifth Avenue store.

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