Heather Pascoe


Campus Ambassador - University of Oregon

Tel.  1-503-522-8612

 We’d like to introduce you to Heather Pascoe , our ambassador for the University of Oregon / Corvallis.  She graduated in the Summer of 2017 with a B.S. in Kinesiology and is now pursuing a Masters in Public Health  with emphasis on Health Management and Policy.  Besides being a good fit in the Fitness business, she enjoys Olympic weightlifting, horseback riding, spending time with her family and close friends and of course, walking her dog.  She is from the Portland, Oregon area . I met her at a local gym some years ago and liked her friendly attitude, her workout intensity and her “very driven” personal direction.  She was an ideal person to help our small fitness company tell the story to her friends and contacts, to create her own business direction.  Her contact information is below if you want to learn what she is doing next.