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l started S.T.P. after seeing the need to coordinate  and market highly selective  quality products from one source. I kept seeing "logo" products from online "unknowns" who sold cheaply, only to see many of the products fall apart with use. I decided to create a better option for those who don't want to waste money time after time.  We now have the ability to hear our customers request and sort out what brands and mixes will best suit their needs.  We help you determine the best result and product mix.  If you call any manufacturer, of course you'll hear "theirs is best".  In our case, because of the brands we have, that is mostly true, but there is still room to sort it out based on many other factors such as use, size of facility, budget and location. We sell based on inquiry and total volume, directly shipped to you from the manufacturers, often multiple vendors. Volume and overall weight help the numbers.  We have the options to attend to your needs.


"Teams", yours and ours, get it done

Since we ship direct, we can keep our costs in line and create value and opportunity as well as always being up to date with the latest product editions rather than selling from an inventory.  Our growing international "Brand Ambassadors" are independent business people who are networking to create their own results and perhaps learn from us as well.  We are expanding that independent group both in North America and in Europe now. 

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The real bottom line...

Network with suppliers you trust who dedicate themselves to doing things right the first time and who actually care about your success, create relationships that mean something to your company and unite in the promotion and dedication to fitness performance worldwide. Create value and have mutual respect and we both win.